Rumble in Pittsburgh

So despite Mario Lemieux telling everyone he’ll play 75 games this season, Penguin fans still aren’t buying up season-tickets like they used to.
Hmmm. Maybe it’s because with Lemieux healthy and thriving, Pittsburgh is still a mediocre team. And if they can’t sign Alexei Kovalev, which they’re having trouble doing, it’s an even worse team.
And just as an aside, the Penguins first offer to Kovalev is thought to be between $25 and $30 million over five years. Can the Penguins afford that? I mean, the last time they owed a player that much money, didn’t they just give him the team?
In other Pittsburgh news, accident-prone Marty Straka skated this week. There’s still no time-table on when he’ll return to the line-up.
So yeah. I’m shocked Penguins fans aren’t just robbing banks to buy tickets.