Team Work!

So the Dallas Stars aren’t doing anything (login: puckupdate; password: puckupdate) about Bill Guerin’s two-handed slashing of Star prospect Brett Draney. The Globe and Mail’s Eric Duhatschek argues that this happens all the time, with people making a big deal out of Guerin’s hit, because a Sporting News camera crew caught the whole thing. Says Duhatschek: “Already this year, there have been a handful of other incidents: The Philadelphia Flyers’ Keith Primeau broke the nose of teammate Chris McAllister in a fight. Two of the Edmonton Oilers’ best players, Ryan Smyth and team captain Jason Smith, tangled in a nasty little fight. Until last week, the Flames had a player in camp, Mike Sgroi, who regularly participated in Ultimate Fighting competitions and he took on anyone willing to test him during their camp in Banff.
Of course all those instances are NHL stars beating up other people. You have to wonder what the repurcussions would be if a prospect hit a star that hard. Would it have been enough for Draney to apologize for almost decapitating Guerin?