McSorley Hits Hockey; No Penalty

Marty McSorley is returning to hockey in the form of the coach of the AHL Springfield Falcons. McSorley is infamous for attacking Donald Brashear on the ice in February, 2000. A Canadian court even tried and found McSorley guilty of assault with a weapon.
Obviously, some people are pissed he’s coaching. They’re worried he’s going to develop a team of superthugs.
McSorley definitely did something awful and he lost his career (what was left of it, anyway &#151 he was pretty old when the NHL kicked him out) for it. But what is he supposed to do afterwards? Hockey is all he knows. And it’s not like he wasn’t hired to bash heads. The Kings and Edmonton used McSorley as Wayne Gretzky’s personal on-ice bodyguard. His job was to protect Gretzky, with the unsaid mandate by any means neccessary. Hockey trained him to be a monster and then got mad when he finally snapped.
Luckily, he did a good job protecting Gretzky. The Falcons are the top farm club of the Phoenix Coyotes and the Coyotes run by Gretzky. So Gretzky gives him a job. Cue I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.
Also, Gretzky has got to be the most loyal person in the world. He gave McSorley a job and he wouldn’t let the Kings retire his number until Bruce McNall, the man who brought him to LA, got out of jail.