The Jagr-meister

It’s kind of a cliche to say a team is one player away from being a great team, but the Washington Capitals really are a player away from a great team. Watching them play Dallas and the Rangers this season you see a team with a lot of hustle, a lot of great moves, a lot of great opportunities, but not much follow through. Nothing to tie all the play together (even as they beat the Rangers last night).
Everyone said Jaromir Jagr would be the one player who would turn Washington into a Cup contender. That didn’t happen. Then everyone said Robert Lang would be the catalyst that jump-started Washington. That hasn’t happened yet. But as the Washington Post reminds us, at least Jagr is having a good year so far.
Sadly for Washington, Jagr just doesn’t have the personality to carry a team. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be a vital part of a Stanley Cup run. It just means Washington needs to keep shopping for players.