Blues No More or Still Blue Depending On How They Finish

Bit of a shocker out of St. Louis. Martin Rucinsky signed with the Blues Wednesday, pneding his passing a physical. Vague rumors here in New York had him returning to the Rangers despite not being able to come to any kind of agreement all summer.
The Blues might reunite Rucinsky with former Czech teammate Petr Cajanek. Some might recall that the Rangers traded for Rucinsky so he could play with former Czech teammate Peter Nedved and fellow countryman Radek Dvorak. Sadly for Ranger fans, Dvorak blew out his knee a few weeks later, so the relatively successful Czeching line wasn’t to be. So basically the Rangers got nothing for their troubles with Rucinsky. And the St. Louis papers now get to make all the goofy Czeching puns.
It’s a sad day from New York to Missouri.
Rumors also have St. Louis shopping for a goalie to replace the injured Brent Johnson. Seems like St. Louis really wants to make a go of it this year.
UPDATE: St. Louis inked Tom Barrasso, the Tom Joad of goalies over the last three seasons, for one year.