Burns Baby Burns (Hockey Inferno)

Pat Burns is famous for winning the Jack Adams three times &#151 each time during his first year with a team. It’s starting to look like he may need to make room on his mantelpiece. The Devils are 6-1. Amazingly, they are doing this with less offense than they had last year. But they don’t need offense, I guess. They’ve only allowed 11 goals this season.
Pat Burns is responsible for all of this. His defense-oriented system and cringe-inducing discipline schemes are really working for the team. It’s a miracle, really. On paper, the team is a lot weaker than last season, and last season’s team was already pretty weak. But the Devils are thriving without the addition of any key players. Burns is just coaching the hell out of them.
It’s so easy to blame the coach when everything is falling apart. I wanted to do it when everything is clicking.