The Invisible Coach

A couple of interesting things about the Rangers win over Anaheim.

    * The Rangers won all three of the games Bryan Trottier hasn’t coached (he was out with back pain last night)
    * Pavel Bure and Eric Lindros finally scored. Is it a coincidence this happened with Trottier gone?
    * Apparently Trottier has a genetic back problem. His famous line mate Mike Bossy was forced to retire early due to back pain.

I’m not sure if that last point is really that interesting. I wanted to throw it in because I just finished reading Bossy’s autobiography. He seems like kind of a jerk, by the way.
Also, I think it’s interesting that the Rangers play better without their coach. Their only loss in the last five games have been with Trottier behind the bench. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed this. Like I bet Ranger management has noticed this trend, too.