What’s Lapointe of it All?

Poor Marty Lapointe. He can’t catch a break. He’s got a fractured foot and he’s desperately trying to rejoin a Bruins team that is seriously depleted from injuries. And all this while trade rumors have him landing all over the U.S. and Canada.
And to make matters worse, when his coach, Robbie Ftorek, was asked who the best player in the NHL is, Ftorek said Martin…
…Brodeur. The Devils goalie Ftorek coached back in Jersey.
Smells like team spirit.
In other Bruin news, Sportsnet is reporting the Rangers are trying to move Eric Lindros for Kyle McLaren. But would Boston pay Lindros’ salary? Boston wouldn’t pay Bill Guerin or Byron Dafoe. Would they really pay Lindros?
I doubt it.