As the Puck Turns

Ouch! Philadelphia has taken a turn for the worse! John LeClair is hurt and the team is in a five game skid, most recently capped with a 7-2 thwacking by Pittsburgh. It’s a discipline problem &#151 the Flyers took too many penalties against a Penguin team that has a red-hot power play.
This is what a lot of people (or at least me) have been waiting for. Watching disciplinarian Ken Hitchcock butt heads with a Flyer team that just isn’t very disciplined at heart. Now everyone is just watching to see what Hitchock will do next. Will he let this slide? Will he start pointing fingers? Will he dislocate his own shoulder in a show of solidarity with LeClair?
Another great subplot in the soap opera that is the Flyers is Roman Cechmanek. Is this where he has the breakdown we’ve been expecting all season? The Penguins chased him out of goal &#151 is this what’s going to make him snap?
I’d watch Philadelphia even if I hated hockey. It’s better than reality TV. It’s MELROSE PLACE on ice.