Mike Keenan and Disposable Goalies

The gang over at Hockey Pundits had a link to this story about Roberto Luongo’s troubles in Florida. Apparently he’s having a rough time. Coach Mike Keenan isn’t giving Luongo regular starts and is also micromanaging his butterfly goaltending style.
Reading all this sounded very familiar. Where had I heard about Mike Keenan torturing goalies before? Hmmm. How about everywhere.
Darren Pang wrote about being one of five goalies used by Keenan when Keenan coached the Blackhawks. Why five goalies? So no one would feel confident trying to do their job. Typical Keenan.
And just ask goalie Glenn Healy how he feels about Keenan. Keenan picked Mike Richter over Healy when Keenan coached the Rangers. Sure Richter is a great goalie, but wouldn’t you think Healy deserved some kind of explanation before being made the back-up?
And who can forget the first round of the 1987 Cup playoffs that saw the Rangers meet the Keenan-coached Flyers. In game four of that series, Keenan pulled Ron Hextall. Twice. First after Hextall gave up three goals halfway into the first period. But Hextall was back in goal in the second when the Rangers went on a four-minute powerplay (and no, Hextall’s replacement Glenn Resch didn’t give up any goals in his almost 20 minutes in net). Hextall gave up another goal and Resch was back in goal to start the third period. Hextall came back for a a Philadelphia powerplay and stayed until the final 90 seconds of the game, when Keenan pulled both goalies for the extra attacker. (The Flyers won the series 4 games to 2 and went all the way to the finals, only to be beaten by Edmonton).
So I guess Keenan could be more of a jerk to Luongo. At least Luongo is only getting pulled once a game.