Turmoil on 34th Street. Again. Still…

OK. The Rangers are about a week from imploding:
Exhibit A: Coach Bryan Trottier turned on Radek Dvorak in a very public way. “[Dvorak is] scared to death. He has to play like he’s not scared. If I played against him, I’d say, ‘Hey, come on, Radek.”
Dvorak is now on the Rangers’ fourth line.
Exhibit B: Everyone has soured on Bobby Holik. GM Glen Sather is saying he showed up for camp out of shape and teammates are supposedly wondering why it took him 6 weeks to come back from an injury (his former New Jersey teammates aren’t exactly pining away for him, either).
Exhibit C: The Rangers signed rapist Billy Tibbetts, who has done nothing in his NHL career, but bring teams down. As near as I can tell, Tibbetts has yet to contribute to either a team or society.
Tick, tick, tick…