Cujo Back Between the Pipes

Curtis Joseph was back in goal for Detroit, as the Wings shut-out the anemic Blue Jackets, 1-0.
Joseph sat out the past three games, basically thinking about why he hadn’t been playing so hot and working with goalie consulatant Jim Bedard. (Overhead from those sessions: “Yeah. Curtis. You’re going to want to stop the puck here…OK, Curtis. This is another situation where you’re going to want to stop the puck…Curtis. That looked great. Let’s try it again, but instead of letting the puck in, you stop it”).
Joseph was anxious to get back to playing, though, and coach Dave Lewis was nice enough to spring him from his early winter vacation.
Mac Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram disagrees with Lewis’ decision:

    Despite a long and proud resum’ featuring playoff upsets and Hall of Fame numbers, Cujo will not win the Stanley Cup because in the playoffs, Cujo is a dog, not a Dominator. And when the Red Wings lose, Cu-Choke the dog will be blamed

On that lovely note, happy holidays!