Calgary: ‘Did We Save the Sutter Stationery?’

Calgary finally picked a coach. And it only took 25 days.
Darryl Sutter, fired just this season by the San Jose Sharks, will take over for the Flames. Interestingly his brother Brian coached the Flames from 1997 to 2000.
Darryl had to be pretty anxious to work if he took the Calgary job. He says it’s no worse than when San Jose was when he took over, but I think he has to say that.
Somewhat creepily, a lot of players also remember playing for his brother. I don’t know why I find that so gross. It just kind of seems like sloppy seconds.
I wonder how the players will react to Sutter. He’s got a reputation for being very hard on players &#151 lots of long, intense practices. In fact, I’ve heard that’s part of what got him fired from San Jose.
Also, Sutter has never missed the playoffs. Not in the minors, not as a player, and not as a coach. How crazy is that?
Also, Calgary won last night. Now how crazy is that?