Rink of Dreams

Wow. This is really cool.
Joe Franke is the 42-year-old equipment manager for the UHL’s Fort Wayne Komets. One Komets’ goalie was called up to the AHL and the other was sick with a virus, so they had no one to play goal.
So Franke, who never played a professional game in his life, stepped in.
He stopped 4 of 6 shots in regulation (I assume he didn’t start) and then got to play in the shoot-out. He stopped 3 of 4 and the Komets won.
On a side note, this situation isn’t unprecedented. Ross “Lefty” Wilson, an assistant trainer for the Red Wings was called into a game back in 1956 (this was before teams carried back-up goalies). The thing was, he had to play goal for the opposing Maple Leafs.
They don’t pay trainers enough.
(Thanks to The Hockey News for the tip)