I know a lot of players (or some anyway) are keeping online journals. I just read Bruin P.J. Stock’s journal and it’s pretty freaking funny.
Take this entry:

    What is it with people who get upset and punch things? What are they thinking? They get upset and instead of just saying something negative in their heads or stomping a foot, they punch stuff. What are you going to get out of punching a wall? You’re probably going to put a hole in your wall and then you’ll have to fix it. In the two seconds that you get mad, instead of just cursing or changing thoughts or kicking the floor you have to spend the next three hours trying to fix the hole. Or even worse, you might spend the next three months in a cast. I just don’t know what people get out of punching something, and especially people who punch glass. I think people need to read more books on channeling their anger

The rest of his journal entries are here. Stock is entertaining as hell. He should write more.