Blackhawks: “Come On. He Wasn’t That Drunk”

So have I told you guys I’m on the Theo Fleury diet. Yeah. It’s pretty sweet. I tell everyone I’m on a diet and then eat whatever I want. When you catch me, I say I’m sorry and we pretend nothing happened.
The Blackhawks aren’t suspending Theo Fleury despite a police report he was drunk at an Ohio strip club. Fleury admits he was drinking, but the Blackhawks are treating it as an internal matter. They could have placed him in Stage 3 of the NHL’s substance abuse program, which would have meant a six-month suspension. But the fact of the matter is, the Blackhawks need Fleury. Or rather they think they need him. They’re in the middle of a four-game losing streak (last night they coughed up a three-goal, third period lead over the Blues). Their only other offensive option is Eric Daze, and as good as he is, he can’t carry the team.
So Fleury gets a pass, free to destroy his career and eventually his life.
Relapse is a part of addiction recovery. But you have to confront the factors that cause the relapse. You can’t relapse and ignore. Addiction isn’t something that just goes away or you outgrow. It’s a disease that needs a lot of work to overcome.
And Fleury and his team aren’t even close to working on it.
Jennifer Jones of the Sun-Times is mad at Fleury, too.