McLaren Moves; Hackett Promoted

Our national nightmare is over. The Bruins finally unloaded holdout Kyle McLaren.
McLaren is going to the San Jose Sharks. The Sharks sent forward Nik Sundstrom to the Canadiens. And the Canadiens sent goalie Jeff Hackett to Boston. The Sharks sent defenseman Jeff Jillson to Boston.
First base.
There were also draft picks and cash tossed around.
Hackett is a huge get for Boston. They’re in desperate need of goaltending and now they have a quality player between the pipes. The best part about Hackett is that he’s really chomping at the bit to be a number one goaltender, so you know he’s not going to let much in. The only downside is that he’s a free-agent this summer and it’s pretty much a given that Boston won’t offer him enough to keep him. So really, Hackett is getting a fantastic opportunity to show the NHL how valuable he is. Good for Boston short-term, but long-term, they’re probably back to square one.
I don’t know what the Canadiens are going to do with Sundstrom. He’s been having a tough year. He only has two goals and 12 points on the year. They lose a backup goaltender who was often better and more consistent than the number one. And they don’t really get much else back.
The San Jose Mercury News predicted a trade yesterday. When a team is 1 and 8 for the month, something needs to be done. If it’s too soon to fire the coach, you have to make some big trades.
Shark coach Ron Wilson was pretty pissed about the Shark’s defensive play against New Jersey. He’s got to be glad McLaren is on the way. When McLaren’s not on the ice, maybe he’ll show the rest of the team how to act in their own zone. A young defensive corps is fine, but sometimes you need a veteran on the ice to lead them. It looks like McLaren can fill that role (as long as he ends his hold-out and doesn’t start a new one).
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