Black and Bluehawks

I wonder if another Sutter brother is about to be fired.
The Blackhawks are winless in their last six. That’s pretty bad. But the worst part is, they just keep blowing leads. They can’t finish anyone off. The most recent example is their 4-3 loss to Montreal, a game they led 2-0 going into the second.
Now to be fair, this isn’t entirely coach Brian Sutter’s fault. Workhorse goalie Jocelyn Thibault has been looking pretty flat lately. He’s been yanked twice in the past four games. Thibault maintains that fatigue isn’t a problem, but the Hawks have been riding him like a burro. He’s started 43 of the Hawks’ last 51 games. And as I’ve mentioned before, Jocelyn Thibault is no Martin Brodeur (that might be why the team sent backup goalie Michael Leighton back to Norfolk and brought up Steve Passmore).
Actually, since Sutter is responsible for giving Thibault all those starts, maybe the Hawks’ plight is his fault.
More crappy news for Chicago: Eric Daze and Sergei Berezin are both hurt (but not badly).