East Meets West

In an ideal world, it would be a Stanley Cup preview &#151 Ottawa and Detroit. The Best of the West meeting the Beasts of the East.
But history tells us that while Ottawa is very good at getting into the playoffs, once they’re there, they don’t usually go very far.
But still, a tired and understaffed Ottawa was able to put up a good fight against Dallas, although the Senators ultimately lost 5-3.
It’s a shame that such a talented team is almost destined to fail in the playoffs. Ottawa just isn’t ugly enough. There isn’t enough grit. If they could manage to rent some mean players for the playoffs, though, they’d be in really great shape. I’d love to see Ottawa pick up someone like Washington’s Mike Grier. He’s an amazing defensive forward, but his offensive game is strong, too. He does whatever he needs to on the ice without worrying about roles. A smart, tough player like that could really help Ottawa get out of the first round this year.
Oh. And if they could find someone to buy the team, that would help too.