Calgary Heart Dad

Like a lot of people, I wondered how Calgary managed to beat Detroit 4-1 last week.
Now I know.
They were dad-powered.
The Calgary Flames (really, assistant captain Bob Boughner) organized a road trip for their dads. The dads tagged along for games in Phoenix and Dallas (but the dads were there in Calagary to watch the apples of their eyes beat the Stanley Cup champs). On the road, they golfed and hung out, so the dads could see how all those sticks and skates and early, early, early morning practices paid off. There were even tours for the dads while the players took their pre-game naps. In Dallas, they got to visit the Texas Book Depository, where Lee Harvey Oswald shot John F. Kennedy.
Because nothing says dad like hockey and assassinations.
(Uh oh. The dad power must have gone out. Phoenix and Dallas both beat Calgary. Maybe the dads aren’t lucky. Or maybe all of the Flames should have gone to the Depository instead of napping. This way they could have picked up some shooting tips).