Sather: ‘Pick Me!’

Shocking! Glen Sather picked himself as the new coach of the Rangers. Can he even do that? It’s like electing yourself president or something. But he had to pick himself. Assistant coach Jim Schoenfeld was offered the job, but turned it down. So Sather ended up his own sloppy seconds.
I know teams always play well after the old coach switch, but the Rangers looked fantastic against Colorado (even though they ended up losing in OT). They came back from being down two goal in the third. They got off a ton of great shots and played with more focus than I’ve seen in a while. Sather also managed to teach the Rangers to shoot from in front of the net &#151 something old coach Bryan Trottier didn’t seem to be able to explain.
Former Ranger/curren Ranger announcer John Davidson says the Rangers just needed some discipline.