Deconstructing Keenan

The Sun-Sentinel has an interesting take on Mike Keenan’s coaching. Basically, Michael Russo wonders if Keenan’s too anti-European to be an effective coach of a very European team. Russo also takes Kennan to task for demanding players be traded when they underperform, rather than working with them.
My favorite part is when Russo complains that Keenan is too hands-off with players. It’s a valid point &#151 it seems like Keenan gives very little constructive criticism (at least in front of the media) and it seems he doesn’t work with players on mechanics very often. But you just don’t think of Keenan as being hands off. Maybe because he lives in his players’ heads.
I’m pretty sure no one on the Panthers would say Keenan is hands-off, though. They’d probably ask that be back off even more.