Holik Coaches Isles

New York Ranger Bobby Holik had a lot to say after the Senators beat the Rangers. A lot:

    Once again, we think we are better than we are…The first period we had success playing the hard way. Then the second period, we wanted to do it the easy way. Are we ever going to learn?…We didn’t pinch at all in the first, then in the second, it happens twice right away. But no one does anything about it. No one is benched. Why? They say it’s too late in the season, and that we need our best players on the ice with the situation we’re in. Really?…If you have a child and he does the wrong thing but is never punished for it, he’s going to think he’s doing the right thing. Hockey players should be thought of as children. It’s the only way. I’ve said this so many times, I’ve seen it – played in it – for six months, and it doesn’t change…Everyone says I [think I] have all the answers. That’s not it. Anyone watching this game who knows anything about hockey would come to the same conclusion.

OK. So maybe the Rangers aren’t listening to Holik, but it sure looks like the cross-town Islanders are. Aleksei Yashin wasn’t scoring, so Islander coach Peter Laviolette demoted the $90 million franchise center to the checking line. The next game, Yashin scored the tying goal against Anaheim.
Bobby Holik must be proud. His plan is working somewhere.