Slave to the Grind

OK. So Phoenix’s Zac Bierk has been kicking around the NHL (and IHL and ECHL) for a while. So it isn’t anything new, but I still love the fact that his brother is Sebastian Bach of Skid Row. And I really love that Bach told Sports Illustrated, “It blew me away to see Wayne Gretzky trying to score on my little baby-faced brother and failing…I’m stoked, man!” after Bierk’s first NHL win back in 1998.
Phoenix loves Bierk’s low salary and lower GAA (.943, but with only 4 wins &#151 gotta love that Phoenix offense).
Phoenix has three solid to relatively solid goalies &#151 Brian Boucher, Sean Burke, and Bierk. It’s looking like Burke is going to walk the plank. He’s got the experience and numbers that goalie-hurting teams want (ahem, St. Louis. Poor St. Louis. The whole team is injured. And number one goalie Brent Johnson can’t let in enough goals. It’s pretty bad there. Even his teammates are starting to talk about his goaltending).
Sadly (and oddly, for a goalie), Burke is a team leader. So trading him won’t be a clean break for the team. But Phoenix can’t be too picky. They need to get stoked, man.