As the Hurricane Spins

Carolina just facinates me. It’s a train wreck down there. I’ll be shocked, really shocked, Ben Franklin shocked, if coach Paul Maurice is behind the bench next season. The latest chapter in the saga that is the Carolina Hurricanes has exiled goalie Arturs Irbe returning to the team after a two-week stint to the minors.
Irbe was 0-1-1 with a 3.36 GAA. That’s in the AHL, by the way. Not the NHL.
Carolina sent down a goalie, so it seems that Irbe will play for the Hurricanes. Right now the team is probably just trying to get Irbe’s GAA down and save percentage up so some team will take a 12th-year NHL goalie owed $5.2 million over the next two seasons.
That actually sounds like a good fit for the perennially goalie-screwed Atlanta Thrashers.
The Hurricanes are also getting ready to deal defenseman Glen Wesley, an original Hurricane. He’s been with the franchise since 1994 (the Whalers moved down south in 1997).
Wesley becomes a free agent this summer and the Hurricanes know they can get a good deal if they rent him to a playoff contender.
The Hurricanes have been unloading a lot of good players lately. The second they traded Sami Kapanen to Philadelphia, his game exploded.
In a good way.