Somehow They Manage to Become Even Bluer Every Day

So obviously the Blues’ goalie woes continue. But maybe you didn’t know the Blues have always had goalie trouble. Jeff Gordon from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is nice enough to remind us all of St. Louis’ goalie issues of the past. Among some favorites, Curtis Joseph’s implosion under the bossy Mike Keenan. Detroit coach Dave Lewis probably should have paid more attention to that episode. Roman Turek, now with Calgary, also wasn’t the pride of the Blues. And who can forget Jim Carey? It’s a sad, sad trip down memory lane.
Even sadder is that for Thursday’s game, the Blues’ goalie will be Cutis Sanford, a minor leaguer. Brent Johnson is said to have a groin strain, but that might be a Blues smokescreen to save face. Either way, a professional team that expects to escape the first round of the playoffs shouldn’t be using a good, but unexceptional, minor league goalie. It’s just ridiculous.
Speaking of ridiculous, the last thing the Blues need is a missing player. The only thing they need even less is a missing superstar. Like Keith Tkachuk.
Tkachuk is suspended for four games for cross-checking Minnesota’s Wes Walz. It’s his second offense.
St. Louis just can’t get a break.