Fleury Benched

Are you shocked?
The Blackhawks are 3-11-2 since Theo Fleury and two unnamed teammates got in some sort of scuffle in a Columbus strip club.
Just Tuesday night, sputtering Philadelphia managed to blank the stalled Hawks, 2-0.
Theo Fleury sat out that game at the coach’s request. He was a healthy scratch. Coach Brian Sutter said Fleury isn’t in the right physical shape. But maybe physical is code for mental.
Sadly, Fleury isn’t even the worst of Chicago’s problems. Both Eric Daze and Alex Zhamnov are hurt. Daze has spent most of the season hurt, though. He should be used to it.
It’s a lucky break for Fleury, though. With Daze out, he gets to return to the line-up.
As bad as Chicago is doing, some people don’t mind being a Hawk.
Jeremy Roenick said he loved his time in Chicago.
Takes all kinds, right?