Lightning Strikes: Cujo Dominates Belfour

Has Detroit’s Curtis Joseph turned a corner?
Probably not. But he managed to beat his old team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, 7-2. Cujo made 27 saves.
Toronto goalie Ed Belfour had a tough night, making only 24 saves. It was a rare (this season, anyway) off night for him. It’s almost like Belfour and Cujo switched brains.
Also, on a totally unrelated topic, they’re putting up a giant mural of Red Wing captain Steve Yzerman in Detroit.
That’s pretty cool, but I’m still wondering how Belfour and Cujo switched brains. I bet lightning was involved, though.
Also, here’s some news on what the Sharks want for Owen Nolan. Word on the street has Toronto sniffing around Nolan. Of course, if word on the street is accurate, they should probably give Nolan his own locker room. ESPN the Magazine recently reported that Nolan has a lot of problems with his teammates.
Nothing a brain switch can’t help, though, right?