Home Ice=Bad Ice

A bunch of shrinks figured out that home ice advantage is a myth. I’m not really sure how, but they figured out that teams lose on home ice around 60% of the time. They blame the phenomena on team’s choking. Previous studies have found similar numbers for baseball.
Me? I don’t know. There’s just not a lot going on in hockey right now. Unless the Rangers can catch that number eight spot. But other than that, everyone is just in a holding pattern. It’s gotten so bad, I find myself wanting to write about that Michael Essany guy from E!. He does a talk show out of his parent’s basement. What’s the deal with him? Is he like 75 or something? Who acts like that? They should show him in black-and-white. And his obsession with Johnny Carson and all of his mannerisms is just unsettling. I think Essany is scarier than home ice.