Lemieux Leaving Pittsburgh?

Wow. This is the craziest thing I’ve read in a while. Larry Brooks over at the New York Post is floating the rumor that Mario Lemieux is going to sell the Penguins and get himself traded to another team. Apparently the Avs were even trying to figure out how to land Lemieux at the draft deadline &#151 which everyone knows is impossible since Lemieux has an agreement with the league to only play in Pittsburgh as long as he owns the team.
Lemieux has spent his entire career with the Penguins. He’s never worn another team’s jersey (except maybe for some game a little while back where he played as a member of the Baby Penguins &#151 but I’m not sure and I can’t find a link). In fact, rumors have swirled for years and years that the Penguins took a dive during the 1983 season in order to land Lemieux. Now, or soon, almost 20 years later, Lemieux might finally be leaving. Brooks pegs Lemieux’s potential salary at $10 million.