Turco’s Back

How would Eminem put it?
“Turco’s back. Back again.”
Marty Turco returned to the nets for Dallas, holding the St. Louis Blues to only one goal in a 3-1 victory. Of course, it started ugly. Turco gave up the only goal on the first shot of the game. But Turco shook it off and seemed pretty happy with the win.
But who was happiest? Backup goalie Ron Tugnutt, who can now go back to being a backup goalie: “I haven’t enjoyed this past month or so whatsoever. I haven’t slept as well. I’m an upbeat guy, and I haven’t been. I gave what I had; it didn’t work as well as I would have liked. I wanted to be the difference in every game.”
Turco, himself a backup last season, was a hard man to replace after he went down with an ankle injury. He hadn’t been letting anything into the net.
One game back under his belt and it seems like nothing’s changed.