Dallas: Another Day, Another Injury

Winning a Stanley Cup is as much about depth as it is about skill. But gee whiz. The Stars are deep as hell and they’re still getting screwed. Who’s the latest injury? Pierre Turgeon. He needed surgery and a plate on his ankle. He’s supposed to be out a month. This is on top of Bill Guerin being hurt. And this is after the Stars sort of stayed pat at the trade deadline, figuring nothing else could go wrong. Of course, they were wrong. Now they have to figure a way out of the first round while hoping they have key players like Turgeon and Guerin, back for the next round. At least goalie Marty Turco is finally back. Of course, with the luck the Stars have been having lately, he’ll probably end up breaking his hands or something horrible like that.
Next season Dallas should be allowed to carry a 50-man roster. They’ve proven they need it.