Officials Take a Dive

This is old, but I missed it. Al Strachan got a hold of the league’s list of divers, a diver being a player who dramatizes incidental contact on the ice.
Let’s look at the list, shall we?

Darius Kasparaitis (NYR)
Matthew Barnaby (NYR)
Shaun Van Allen (OTT)
Bryan McCabe (TOR)
Rick DiPietro (NYI)

So there you have it. The Five Who Dive.
You may have noticed DiPietro is a goalie. Can goalies dive? Of course. The thing is, maybe DiPietro dives to make saves.
Like here’s something interesting. This week’s The Hockey News mentions that Edmonton’s Marty Reasoner and Calgary’s Oleg Saprykin were both called for diving after being pulled down on breakaways. Like they wanted the powerplay more than the breakaway. So what if the ref calls diving on a breakaway, but also calls a goalie, too, who maybe went down early in anticipation of the shot.
So yeah. Just try not to leave your skates until the officials get this sorted out.