Yashin: ‘What? I Was Just Kidding About Sucking’

I’ll admit it. I let my love of the Rangers cloud my hockey blogging judgement. All day today, I was thinking about the Islanders playing Chicago. An Islander loss would have put the Rangers within two points of the last playoff spot. The Islanders hadn’t won in Chicago since 1990. Sure, Chicago sucks, but maybe there was something about Chicago that would keep the Isles from winning. And sure, maybe Chicago’s plan was to bring up some of their younger talent to give them a peak at the big show, but perhaps these kids would be hungry and would topple the Islanders.
Um. Yeah. Sure.
The Islanders embarassed Chicago 9-2. Alexei Yashin, a freaking bump on a log all season long, scored four goals. That like doubles his season total. And what do you call four goals in a game? A hat and scarf trick? (Yeah. I love that joke.)
So basically everyone on the Islanders scored. They’re a little bit closer to clinching that last spot. And if Yashin keeps this scoring pace up, no one else on the team will even have to score. And if Yashin keeps this scoring pace up, you also have to wonder if he’s going to ignore his contract, sit out and demand more money again, like he did in Ottawa.
The Rangers are hoping he does. It looks like that’s the only way they’ll make the playoffs.