Carson Kolzig

This one will break your heart.

Ollie Kolzig, the Captial goaltender (who’s having a great season, by the way), has an autistic son.
Carson Kolzig is just two years old.
Autism is a tough. No one really knows what causes it or how to cure it. But there’s hope. Former Miami Dolphin great Dan Marino’s son is austistic and they had a lot of success in terms of getting him functioning. In fact, he’s basically cured.
The Kolzigs are just at the beginning of their battle, though.
Luckily, things are already starting to look up for Carson. Says proud papa Ollie:

    He’s my little man. He follows me everywhere, he wants me to go everywhere with him, he always grabs me by the hand. He’s really affectionate. His eye contact is unbelievable. He still has a lot of other issues, but he is really responding to this therapy.

Autism is tough for anybody but luckily the Kolzig’s have the financial resources to give their son a shot at getting better.