Mrs. Hockey’s Toughest Battle

Are you sad yet? Wait. It gets sadder.

Colleen Howe, wife of hockey legend Gordie Howe, is suffering from Pick’s Disease, a severe form of dementia.
Colleen is more than the wife (and mother) of an NHL player. She’s considered to be the first female agent. She took an active role in Gordie’s career, getting him more money and making sure he had a career, even after he was unable to play hockey. Although, Gordie played for like 10 decades, so I can’t imagine that was a huge task. But still, Colleen is important to hockey, and obviously important to Gordie.
Gordie, by the way, turns 75 Monday.
Howe’s numbers and career are all amazing, but what blows my mind is how much people love him despite what a dirty player he was. He was just mean as hell on the ice. It’s a real tribute to his warmth off the ice that people even talk to him, let alone love him, the way they do.
I never met Colleen Howe but I’ve always loved everything I’ve read about her. She seems to be a straight-shooter, a brilliant businesswoman, and someone who wouldn’t let the oppressive nature of the 50s or the oppressive nature of sports keep her down.