Which Rangers?

I love the Rangers. Their inconsistency makes them like three or four different teams in one. They have so many personalities, they’re almost a league unto themselves.
Saturday, against Boston, the hard-working, grinding Rangers showed up and they beat Boston 3-1. Somewhat surprisingly, Matthew Barnaby set up both of Alexei Kovalev’s goals. Kovalev is used to playing with Mario Lemieux and hasn’t had much luck with talent like Petr Nedved, Eric Lindros, and Pavel Bure. But he clicks with Barnaby, a grinder? Who would have thought it?
With the Islanders being humiliated by the Devils (and Patrik Elias’ four goals), the Rangers are within four points of the 8th spot in the East, with four games to go. Plus, they play the Islanders this week. It’s getting tight again.
But let’s not forget how the Rangers were drop-kicked by the horribly depleted Penguins. And how did Ranger coach Glen Sather react to that embarassment? By giving the team the following day off.
Sather has just been plain weird lately. He pulled Bure out of the line-up because of his gimpy knee. But then he told reporters that he hoped Bure would ask back into the line-up. Did he want Bure to tell him or to pass him a note in study hall?
So how do things look for the Rangers? Who knows? They’re crazy.