Boston Lives

Martin Brodeur is an interesting guy. It seems that media attention just doesn’t sit well with him.
Leading up to last night’s game against Boston, everyone (including me) was going on and on about how great Brodeur is. It got to him. He was actually chased out of the net as Boston beat New Jersey 5-1.
I seem to remember something like this happening in February, too, when everyone was talking about Brodeur finally getting his Vezina trophy. As the media attention reached critical mass, his goaltending faltered.
Brodeur’s just too modest for his own good.
Actually, Devil GM Lou Lamoriello is really into the concept of the team before the individual. He never promotes players &#151 he only promotes “The Devils.” I wonder if he implanted chips in the players so he can make them suck when they start getting too much media attention. I think it’s a pretty common thing. I was talking to this homeless guy on the train and he was telling me that Dick Clark implanted a chip in him. Apparently Dick Clark was using the chip to send him messages. So if Dick Clark can do it, I’m sure Lamoriello can.
I bet he implants the chip after he makes the Devils drink his Kool-Aid.