Modest Martin

Yesterday I made some comments about Martin Brodeur’s play during times of heaping media praise and I really didn’t get to back them up, so I’d like to make the case a little more clearly.
February 3, 2003, Joe Lapointe from The New York Times wrote a column about how Brodeur is a great candidate for the Vezina. A week later the New York Post weighed in on the same topic:

    The NHL’s GMs could prove they aren’t utterly clueless, that they actually know something about hockey.
    Come April, the braintrust could finally vote Martin Brodeur his first Vezina Trophy.

Now, take a look at Brodeur’s stats for February. He posted a 2.68 goals against average and a .882 save percentage. Both were Brodeur’s worst stats for the regular season.
I feel pretty comfortable saying (again) that Brodeur shouldn’t read the newspaper.