Don’t Pass Over Nystrom

Last night was the second night of the Jewish holiday Passover. I went to my parent’s for dinner, so I don’t really have time to blog. Instead of talking about last night’s games, which weren’t that interesting, except for the Devils blanking the Bruins to clinch, I’m going to talk about former Islander Bobby Nystrom, who also happens to be Jewish.
Nystrom is probably best known for his Stanley Cup-winning overtime goal over Philadelphia, that started the Islanders’ four-Cups-in-a-row dynasty. During the season he was an enforcer, racking up penalty minutes like the team dentist collecting teeth off the ice. But during the playoffs, Nystrom really came alive, becoming a genuine offensive threat, as his 39 post-season goals and 44 post-season assists (out of 157 playoff games) indicate.
Not only that, Nystrom is a part of the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.
I had no idea there was a Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, either. I guess it’s Nystrom, Sandy Koufax, and Hank Greenberg. I’m not sure who else they could put in. I think Buffalo may have had a Jewish goalie at some point, but that may have just been my dad trying to get me to go to Hebrew school.
Anyway, Nystrom’s son Eric is a forward for Michigan’s hockey team. It seems like he’ll be in this year’s NHL draft.
Mazel tov (good luck) to him!
Oh. And speaking of Islander dynasties, you won’t be seeing one for a while. Ottawa finished the Islanders off, beating them 4-1. The Islanders did win the quote of the game contest, though. Said Isles defenseman Adrian Aucoin after his team was eliminated: “I don’t think [Ottawa was] that impressive…I think they’re going to have to be better.”
Um yeah. Adrian. I think by beating you they showed they are better. That’s sort of what better means.