Running On Empty

Saturday’s Flyers win over Toronto was a great game. Lots of checking, fighting, and pushing followed by tremendous odd-man rushes. It was breath-taking. And if Toronto’s Alexander Mogilny and Mats Sundin had aimed a little differently a couple of times (or if hitting the post counted as a goal), the Leafs would have won. The weird thing is, what makes this series so much fun to watch is the fact that neither team is playing that well. Both teams are missing chances left and right. Both teams are having defensive break downs. And that’s what makes a game exciting. Philadelphia will probably beat Toronto &#151 even without defenseman Eric Desjardins, who fractured his foot while playing goal for a sprawled Roman Cechmanek. But I can’t see the Flyers lasting much past that. What are they going to do? Ride Sami Kapanen to the finals? None of their stars has warmed up. Tony Amonte isn’t feeling any net love. Simon Gagne is still a question mark after his injury-plagued season. It’s pretty obvious Philadelphia is running out of gas. But apparently hockey is better to watch when the needle is on E.