Wild, Wild Win; Flyers Grounded

So I guess Colorado managment is regretting paying the players by the game.
Yup. Colorado is facing another game seven. They lost in overtime to the Wild.
This will be Colorado’s fifth trip in a row to game seven of a playoff series. It’s like they don’t want to leave any game unplayed.
Minnesota Wild goalie Manny Fernandez got his second playoff nod. He didn’t have a great game, giving up two goals late in the third. But he held on long enough to win.
So now it comes down to game seven for Colorado and Minnesota.
How messed up would it be if the Wild knocked out Colorado? How crazy would the West be if Colorado and Detroit could be knocked out in the first rounds?
Toronto also forced a game seven against Philly. The Leafs beat the Flyers 2-1. I don’t even know what to say. Toronto is just so tough. They’re like roaches &#151 you can’t get rid of them. And Philly goalie Roman Cechmanek? Sure he lost to Toronto, but the man just won’t give up. Where are the breakdowns from last year? No. Seriously. Where are they? I miss them. I want to see a freakout.