Hockey Bug

Ironically, as I was preparing to write about St. Louis’ bout with sickness, I got really sick last night. I wonder if we have the same bug.
Anyway, needless to say, things didn’t really work out for either of us Tuesday night. The Blues blew a 3-1 series lead and fell to the Canucks.
The Blues are a good team with a losing attitude. There’s no reason in the world they should have been beaten by Vancouver. Sure you can blame goalie Chris Osgood, but his only crime was that he wasn’t extraordinary. But he was competent. It shouldn’t take heroic measures to move a team like the Blues out of the first round. Joe Quennville’s been coaching the blues since the 18th century. It might be time for a coachectomy. If you can’t get past the Canucks with Chris Pronger, Keith Tkachuk, Doug Weight and a one-armed Al MacInnis, then you have problems somewhere.
Speaking of blown 3-1 series leads, how about Colorado choking on some Wild? I was as shocked as anybody, but then I started thinking. The Avs looked pretty horrible last year. When Colorado played Detroit in the playoffs, the Avs just weren’t playing in front of goalie Patrick Roy at all. He was working his ass off for all seven games. That’s the thing about Roy. He’s amazing. But he has his limits. He can’t carry his team for game after game after game. And once he reaches that limit, he just implodes. And that’s how Andrew Brunette was able to beat him with a slow-motion deke. And that’s how a role player like Richard Park was able to beat him the night before.
Roy won his last Stanley Cup with legendary defenseman Ray Borque watching his back. That’s no coincidence. Roy can’t do it alone.