Lindros Leaving?

So now the New York Post is reporting that Eric Lindros is on the trade block.
Oh wait. I guess I should mention that this post isn’t really about the playoffs.
OK. Game on!
So apparently the Rangers want to unload Lindros. I know this rumor (or rumour) has been flying around Canadian sports talk radio, but this is the first time it’s getting a lot of play down here.
Toronto might be interested, says Larry Brooks.
Pretty weird. If you can sum up all of the Rangers problems with a single concept, it’s that they play like a bunch of strangers. Which they are. I mean, week-to-week, you saw more regular faces on LOVE BOAT. Plus, Lindros’ contract is structured around him not getting a concussion. And that’s how he played this season &#151 like a guy trying not to get hurt. Psychologically he needs a contract that rewards performance, not an avoidance of injury.
Shockingly, the Post also reports the Rangers won’t be going after Sergei Fedorov, which is weird, since the team never met an unrestricted free agent it didn’t like.
And what’s with Toronto? They’re just loving players who are slightly past their prime, aren’t they? Is Ranger GM Glen Sather secretly running two teams? A Lindros-Owen Nolan line only looks good in a time machine.