Magic Ducks

OK. So the Ducks can score at will.
I didn’t know that.
I don’t think Dallas knew, either. They looked pretty surprised Saturday afternoon when the Ducks were able to tie the game with a minute and nine seconds left in regulation. And they looked downright shocked when the Ducks won it less than two minutes into overtime.
The Ducks aren’t about skill &#151 they’re about magic. They’re like the 1986 New York Mets on ice. There’s nothing they can do to lose the Stanley Cup. The universe will always bank in the shots for them. They just need to keep putting them on net.
Another crazy thing about the Ducks is that no real star has emerged (except for SuperGoalie Jean- Sebastien Giguere). But all of their players are all chipping in to win games. It’s like Karl Marx is coaching or something.
One more crazy thing about Anaheim. This is their longest winning streak since they won seven in a row (during the regular season, of course) back in 1999.
Dallas should just try to pull one game from the Ducks. They should be pretty proud if they can do that.