Who Wants Sergei?

Sunday’s New York Post had a report that the Hurricanes were going to try and sign Sergei Fedorov. The Hurricanes say it’s not true. I kind of believe them. They’re not going to play Arturs Irbe next season. He’ll start for the Lowell Lock Monsters. But they still have to pay him his $2.75 million per season through the 2004-2005 season. That’s a lot to pay a minor league goaltender. But southern US teams love to overpay their minor league goalies. Atlanta pays Damian Rhodes to play in the East Coast Hockey League. He’s making a cool $2.5 million down in Greenville.
Anyway, the Hurricanes may try to re-sign Glen Wesley, who they traded to Toronto for the playoffs. The Leafs have until July 1 to make him an offer but no one is sure what Toronto’s plan is for next season. The way they were acting at the trade deadline of this season, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make a pass at Fedorov.