Burns Burns as Brodeur’s World Turns

Jim Kelley weighs in on the Martin Brodeur drama.
He astutely points out that maybe there’s a reason Pat Burns is freaking out about that line change the refs wouldn’t allow, that left the Devils a defenseman short long enough for Tampa’s Dave Andreychuk to score the game-winner. Kelley suggests that maybe Burns is trying to take the heat off of Brodeur (and the alleged affair that seems to be ending his marriage) by going after the refs. It’s a play right out of Islander GM Mike Milbury’s playbook. Or even Wayne Gretzky when he was running Canada’s Olympic team. Because really, when you’re the New Jersey Devils, does it matter who’s on the ice? Aren’t all of you really defenseman? Isn’t that the whole point of the Devils?
Anyway, it’s food for thought.