A Good Night to be a Duck or a Devil

I don’t know about you, but if I took a slapshot to the face, I’d want a few days off of work.
Not New Jersey Devil Scott Stevens. He gets hit in the face with a slapshot, and he gets better.
Scott Stevens kicked ass, led with ice time, and even scored a goal, leading New Jersey over Tampa Bay, 3-1. New Jersey also leads the series three games to one.
The moral of the story? Don’t piss off Scott Stevens. I don’t think Bolt Pavel Kubina was trying to intentionally injure Stevens back in game three, but it doesn’t matter. That was the turning point of the series. New Jersey is pissed and out for blood. Tampa should be really worried about game five. New Jersey will want to draw some real blood before they clinch.
Meanwhile, Anaheim is camped out in Dallas’ head. How else can a team like Dallas be held scoreless? That’s right. The Truly Might Ducks shut out Dallas, 1-0.
Anaheim goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere is good, but so is (or was) the Stars’ offense. The Ducks are pretty smart. Instead of shutting down Dallas physically, they decided to paralyze them mentally.
Now I’m really curious how far Anaheim will go based on reputation. Obviously they’re a strong team, but only one loss in eight playoff games? Their number one star is hype. With an assist by fear. The quacking? Not so much.