It Takes a Village to Lose a Series

Roman Cechmanek finally imploded for good and I’m a little bit surprised. I mean, I knew this would happen eventually, but I always pictured it in game seven.
Ottawa beat Philadelphia 5-2 Monday night. Now they get to play New Jersey for a spot in the finals.
The Ottawa papers called the Cechmanek breakdown Monday morning. It’s an odd situation. Philadelphia’s loss isn’t his fault in the sense that their offense never really stepped up. Where was Tony Amonte? Where was Jeremy Roenick? John LeClair gets a pass because his old. But I would argue that the players never stepped up because they never bought into Cechmanek. His goaltending style is more interpretive dance than stand-up or butterfly. And his temperment is like something out of GIRL, INTERRUPTED.
When the season started, everyone criticized Philadelphia for not upgrading their goaltending over the summer. Well guess what. Everyone was right.