Duck Tales

I don’t know what to tell you kids. The whole world has Mighty Duck fever. How do you know? Today’s New York Times has a nice piece on the Ducks. Sure there’s a lot on how Anaheim built itself into the quacking powerhouse it is today. But my favorite part is where a Duck employee dishes on how Emelio “Mighty Duck on Film” Estevez’s people try to get special treatment from the team.
In other Duck news, Paul Kariya attributes the Duck dominance to parity. That and the fact that high salary players seem as lazy as they are rich.
Also, Anaheim’s Patric Kjellberg left the team for unspecified personal reasons. Weird. I was going to write something about how Toronto’s Shayne Corson started a trend (quitting your team during the playoffs), but I decided to wait and see why Kjellberg is leaving. I’ll feel like a big jerk if it’s for a good reason.